First take off and then upgrade

I always thought that a successful company could achieve its victories thanks to two factors: employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. When you are a beginner you grope a little in the dark: you have to stay within the budget, you have a huge amount of work to be completed and customers to attract to be known. Corporate gifts can become your double key to success.

Spoil customers and employees

The take-off phase is one of the most difficult. Employees have many needs, work a lot and work better when they feel satisfied. Using corporate gifts, carefully chosen, as a way to expss gratitude for the efforts made, will lead them to be more available and more productive. You can do the same with customers: spoil them, but in order to encourage them to choose you rather than your more experienced or cheaper competitor.

Get personal

Making something personal involves knowing who the people we are addressing are. In a world where we live almost exclusively in a virtual way, this could be a good strategy. Do a little research to figure out which keys to play for customers and employees. It will pay. When they receive one of your corporate gifts, they will both feel that it is not one of the usual items chosen without care and good for everyone.

Be smart

To keep from talking, I'll give you an example. If you know that most of your employees have young children, why not put customized baby t-shirts or caps among corporate gifts? Or you know that most of your customers are sporty, for example, why not choose a customized pedometer or a water bottle for the runners? After the take-off there is the flight. If you have picked up good traveling companions and good passengers, the flight will be long and pleasant.